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  • Changes were minor for the 1967 Chevelle and mostly limited to styling touches and a few changes in the engine lineup. The aggressiveness of the front fenders was toned down a bit, the grill now had wider horizontal slots and the headlights were spaced a little farther apart than they were in the 1966 Chevelle. General Motors was planning a major update with the 1968 Chevelle and did not put a lot effort into changes for 1967. Fortunately, the 1966 Chevelle looked great and it required few updates.

    When compared to offerings from other manufactures in 1967, the 1967 Chevelle fared very well. It had a youthful appearance and a no-nonsense aggressiveness that was very appealing. The GTO was still the original muscle car but it appeared to be growing larger every year. The 1967 Dodge Charger had a very innovative design but it was a car that either was loved or hated. Its lines were still very angular. The 1967 Ford Fairlane was also a very competent car but its styling was somewhat conservative and did not appeal to the youthful audiences in the same way as the Chevelle. As with the 1966 Chevelle, the 1967 Chevelle remains a poster child of the entire muscle car era.

    1967 Chevelle SS 396
    The 1967 Chevelle Super Sport continued to have the twin simulated hood air intakes, a blacked out style grill with “SS” emblems in the center and Super Sport emblems attached to the rear fenders. The 1967 Chevelle SS also came with special wheel covers and the ever-popular red striped tires. The bench seat was standard but most people choose in the optional bucket seats.

    The standard engine for the 1967 Chevelle SS396 was the 325 hp V-8. Listed as the L35, the engine was a carryover from 1966. The optional L34 engine came with 350 hp. For those wanting even more power, a dealer supplied optional engine with 375 hp was available as a dealer installed kit. However, this engine option was a relatively expensive and added almost $500 to a car that retailed for slightly over $2800.

    Although sales were slightly down from 1966, Chevrolet still managed to sale 63,006 Super Sports for the model year. The automotive press continued to give the car good reviews with Car and Driver magazine commenting on the cars nice handling and intrinsic balance. They tested a 375 horse power 1967 SS 396 and managed to go from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds and the quarter-mile in 14.9 seconds.

    This body style only lasted for two years. The 1968 Chevelle was completely redesigned.